Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

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E-Platform Marketing is an Atlanta SEO company with over a decade of experience, and success in some of the most competitive online markets. From service companies and industrial clients, to attorney and medical practices we know SEO. Our SEO prices are mid-range for our industry. We offer short- and long-term SEO services, including on- and off-page work.

Our SEO experts are available to support any website design company or search engine marketing agency which needs to outsource SEO services to a reliable SEO company.

SEO is a strategic process. The major search engine algorithms vary in what they prefer and recognize.

SEO for Google

SEO for Google

Search engine optimization for Google is a very straightforward process. Our SEO services are done with full compliance to Google’s standards for SEO, and their Webmaster Guidelines. We go the extra distance to implement elements that Google prefers but does not specifically require. An example would be implementing SSL on the hosted domain.

Google recognizes the canonical tag which greatly helps in avoiding duplicate content penalties. Google responds well to link management. None of our clients’ websites have ever been hit with any algorithm or manual penalties. We have provided corrective SEO services to help many new clients overcome problems with prior SEO work.

SEO for Bing

SEO for Bing

Search engine optimization for Bing is similar to what Google prefers. There are subtle differences in optimizing a website for Bing. For example, Bing recognizes geo meta tags (unlike Google) which improves local search seo. Bing does not index pages which do not have at least one inbound link. The old concept of link sculpting is a key to success with SEO for Bing.

Bing does not support the canonical tag which requires a different approach to presenting content to the Bing crawler. The Bing crawler will not crawl any page using “meta refresh” or that have been 302 redirected. For pages that it does crawl it limits it’s discovery to only the first 100k of any page.

SEO for Yahoo

SEO for Yahoo

Search engine optimization for Yahoo is very similar to what Bing prefers. In addition to what is posted under SEO for Bing, there are other factors to consider. Yahoo’s algorithm is not as sophisticated as Google’s when it comes to understanding related words, thus you should work for exact match keywords. Yahoo and Bing assign greater weight on domain age, visual content and social signals.

Among the core SEO tasks, Yahoo pays close attention to page title tags, and inbound link anchor text. Keyword management is a critical success factor for SEO for Yahoo. Utilize high value keywords to develop page titles, descriptions and copy.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices - Things We Do For Our Clients

General Information on SEO Planning

Maximizing SEO Effectiveness

Every effective SEO campaign begins with an SEO strategy. From keyword research that is refined to support the needs of the business, to website modifications, actions should be deliberate and focused. Rarely do we work with a client organization which has employees who understand best SEO practices. Hiring a reputable SEO company means you can get the results that increase website traffic, and find comfort in knowing they can keep you out of trouble with search engines. If you’re not familiar with search engine optimization you may want to see our page titled What is SEO.

Benchmarking and Targeting

A SEO strategy is built on research and analysis of your current situation. Benchmarking reports, competitor analysis, keyword research and similar data are very important. This data is used to identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to improve ranking for relevant and high traffic search terms.

It’s All About Point A and Points B,C,D . . . Start by bench-marking your current position (point A), and defining your targets/goals (points B,C,D, . . .). Knowing the gap between these points, and the terrain to be traversed will determine the necessary tactics and tasks. Your plan outline should include on-page (website) work, and off-page work such as inbound content marketing, link building, etc. It is absolutely essential to complete detailed keyword research to identify the terms actually being searched and know the approximate monthly search volume for each term. Using PPC keyword tools for SEO keyword research is not recommended.

Action Plan and Deliverables

Your action plan needs to specify individual elements that are to be used, how it is to be done, and include milestone completion dates. All work should be cross-checked for consistency with your branding and communications strategy. Common SEO tasks include creating new or additional website content, white papers, video content, social media pages, professionally crafted blog articles, and rich snippets. It is very important to manage the many fine points of your deliverables. The kinds of detail that matter range from tangibles such as word count, content structure, and partial phrase matching to intangibles such as increasing content sharing, or improving bounce rates and time on site. Google specifically measure on-site user metrics as well as off-page data, and on-page content so plan accordingly.

Implement, Measure and Adjust

Implementation requires website coding, general word processing, managing a variety of web based properties and appropriately skilled personnel. Tracking and measuring your results can be done with free tools such as Google Analytics and paid tools such as MajesticSEO or MOZ. Making strategic adjustments requires a good understanding of search engine algorithms, managing balance of scale and pace, and being able to fully understand what your statistical data means. We offer services for Google Analytics help.

SEO for New Websites

When developing a SEO strategy for a new website you must be very precise and specific. Aggressively optimizing a new website can result in serious harm to ranking opportunities and credibility with search engines. Being too passive wastes valuable time. It is important to utilize every possible method, in measured pace and create a quality footprint that within Google’s Search Rater Quality Guidelines.

Whiteboard Friday Video on New Site SEO

If you are tempted to do your own SEO the next three paragraphs are for you.

Think of search engine optimization as a total process and not simply a checklist of tasks. Define your budget and target area, assess the competitive landscape and develop a branding strategy. Develop an understanding of website traffic quality, sources and how the pieces all fit together. Improve traffic quality by completing thorough keyword research which identifies the high traffic search phrases for your type of business.

Developing ranking for broad terms might consume substantial time and resources yet generate low value traffic. Working to achieve ranking for highly relevant long tail keywords is a valuable use of your time. You need to determine what type of customer you want, identify keywords or phrases they actually use and consider user intent associated with each term. For example, if your business sells computers ranking for a high traffic term such as “tablet computers” is probably less valuable than ranking for a lower traffic term such as “tablet PC prices”.

Consider user interest and create powerful landing pages that engage and persuade them. Now employ the 3D thinking and plan how to coordinate and leverage video marketing, content marketing, social media, link building and related elements. Intangible factors such as timing, volume, pace, ratios and percentages of how these elements are used does matter. Keep in mind that search engine optimization work should be strategic, not simply checking off items on a task list.

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