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PPC advertising is the best way to control your online visibility and placement for lead generation via Google Ads and Bing Ads.

PPC Management Company

Our strategic approach to PPC advertising management can drive quality traffic and deliver a positive ROI on ad spend. Our goal is to generate quality PPC leads at the lowest possible cost.

We build PPC campaigns that help serve our clients' specific business needs. We consider cost-per-customer-acquisition to be a critical metric. We recommend advertising on both Google Ads and Bing Ads for greater visibility. We also offer Facebook advertising management.

We actively manage our campaigns with particular attention to maintaining competitive positions, a minimum 3.0%+ click through rate, and active budget management.

Our ability to deliver great results comes from a complex and tailored approach. We invest extra time to create small keyword clusters, and an abundance of highly targeted ads. For our premium accounts we create custom landing pages to optimize conversions.

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Paid Search Advertising

Cost Effective PPC

Earn a positive ROI through our strategic PPC campaigns and ad targeting. We utilize intelligent keyword identification, optimized keyword clusters, and negative keywords to generate quality clicks.

PPC Remarketing

Turn a "potential customers" into a "loyal customers". Employ remarketing which allows you to strategically position your ads in front users as they browse.

Mobile PPC Advertising

Mobile PPC advertising can deliver amazing results, especially when your customers prefer to use cell phones and tablets for browsing.

Local PPC Advertising

Local PPC advertising is very cost-effective as it targets people with a relevant need, ready to buy, and near your business.

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Lower Spend, Higher ROI

ROI is critical.Our approach to PPC management focuses on driving high-quality leads at the lowest reasonable cost. Two key parts of our cost-control process are:

Keyword Refinement Refining your keywords list greatly increases ad spend ROI. We cull keywords that indicate low potential or irrelevant intent. For small budget campaigns we may cull terms that indicate the search is for someone very early in the buying cycle.

Negative Keywords. By applying negative keywords we can mitigate wasting budget on irrelevant searches. When a user includes a defined negative keyword in their search phrase, your ads will not be displayed. Common negative keywords are "Free", "DIY", "How To", etc.