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E–Platform Marketing provides Website Design and Development Services including new website design, mobile web design, website redesign, website maintenance and website optimization services. We offer services to design, develop and promote a B2B, B2C or industrial website presence. We serve clients in the United States and with in-house designers, copy writers and SEO professionals.

Website Design and Development

Website Design Services

New Site Design requires a strategic development process which overlays marketing strategies with professional website design skills. Our real world business experience gives us an advantage in developing new business websites. When we say business experience we mean owning private businesses, or working as senior management, field sales, and corporate marketing – not stuck away in a back room managing part of the company website. With us, you get help from seasoned business professionals that take a consultative approach, and craft a highly functional website design.

Copy writing? Our professional copy writers can deliver creative content for any type of business. We understand that content should speak to buyers in a meaningful and relevant manner. We are skilled in writing persuasive marketing copy, technical writing and general copy development. Our goal is to present your business as a trusted source in your industry and a subject matter authority.

What's available? We work closely with clients to match their needs to the best web design and development options. Our developers are proficient in the most popular coding and typically our work is done in HTML or PHP including use of Wordpress and Drupal platforms. We offer database development for site needing interactive functionality such as ecommerce, login portals, searchable catalogs and similar functions. We include on-page search engine optimization and coding that is search engine friendly. We can include search engine verifications, analytics, live chat and a host of other popular features.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Websites automatically present content that matches the viewing device including desktop, tablet or mobile phone.Responsive Web Design is our recommendation for all new website or website redesign project. A reponsive website has built-in capabilities to detect a site visitors operating system and then present the content in the best manner for that particular device. Responsive websites function as both a traditional desktop website and as a mobile website. In addition, the page load times for a responsive web design can be extremely fast. We can develop responsive HTML websites and Wordpress responsive websites.

Wordpress Web Design

Wordpress is an exceptionally good platform for a business website. Wordpress offers a built-in content management system which makes it relatively easy to manage your site content. Additonally there are widgets and plug-ins that enable you to easily add an array of important features ranging from blogging and e-commerce to powerhouse SEO management. Wordpress themes can be customized to avoid a templated look and give your business a unique Wordpress site design.

Small Business Website Design

We understand the constraints of running a small business. We also understand how important a strong internet presence can be for your business. We've workd some really creative deals to help small business owners and managers get the website and online visibility they need. We offer entry level sites that are definitely clean and crisp but without so many of the frills that can drive up small business website design prices. The beauty of this approach is that your company can get into a nice website with ease and later hire us for small business website development. A popular option is for us to create a Wordpress site that can be managed by our client.

Website Redesign

Site Redesign can be completed without taking your current website offline. Your site redesign project is an opportunity to upgrade your image, improve user friendliness, and implement SEO. Our website redesign services can increase your performance metrics and almost certainly improve search engine rankings. Click the link for more info on our website redesign services.

Website Development

Site Development means adding high value tools and interactive features to your website. From database driven product catalogs or ecommerce websites, to online quote forms, PPC landing pages and photo galleries we have the resources to help your business to get the most from your online presence. Website development services can be done without taking your site offline. We offer website development services for enhancements that can generate more leads and sales. Our website developers can work with php, asp, aspx, xhtml, and popular website platforms such as Drupal and Wordpress.

We offer a full menu of business website design to delop a robust web presence. Call us to learn more about how easy it is to have the sharp online presence that your company needs. We have timely completion, flexible terms, and we accept credit cards. REQUEST WEBSITE DESIGN PRICING!