Mobile Website Design

The Purpose Of A Mobile Website is to have a website that has been created specifically for mobile devices including smart phones, tablets and mobile phones. Today's phones are essentially small computers which can render sophisticated displays which offers a big opportunity for any smart business. Unlike a traditional website, a mobile website design must be compatible with mobile operating systems (platforms) which are used by all mobile devices. Traditional websites may or may not render properly on mobile devices, however there are usually issues with page load times, ease of navigation and overall presentation. The best way to engage and persuade the mobile device user is to have a mobile website design.

Our mobile web designs are compatible with virtually any mobile device including tablets! Our Smart Mobile™ technology automatically presents your mobile website to mobile device users. Prices start at only $525!

Mobile devices use many types of platforms and require special website coding. Mobile Website Users are somewhat different than users of conventional websites. When potential customers access the internet from their cell phones or smart phones it is important to have a website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and displays easy to read, essential content. Any failures in these areas creates a frustrated user, and leads to abandonment of the site. Our mobile website designers consider the user experience as well as mobile site aesthetics.

What Mobile Users Want

Mobile users want information fast. Your mobile website design should have a clean, crisp appearance but be a streamlined version of your main website. Because mobile search habits vary from traditional web search habits, it is important to understand these differences and pay attention to mobile web design details. Making phone numbers "clickable" for instant calling, and making links easy to "tap" are just part of the finer details of designing a user friendly mobile website.

An option for mobile website design is to engage us for a website redesign project and get a responsive web design. A responsive website resizes to fit the particular device or screen size. Although not exactly a mobile website this does give you the opportunity to get a new website that can work with desktop computers, smart phones and tablet PC's.

Mobile Web Development Considerations

Mobile Platforms are a top consideration when designing a mobile website. The platform is the phone's operating system which determines how the site will be displayed. Some mobile sites look well on one device only to blow apart on another. The most common mobile platforms are Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS, Symbian OS, and Mobile Linux. Our mobile web design look great on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and most popular mobile devices including smart phones and tablets.

Technical Considerations should be part of your decision making process regarding the company that creates your mobile web design. We can help you to make the best choice for your business, and create a site that serves your needs. Common mobile web design considerations are:

  • Do you choose the mobile-friendly WML language or the more complicated XHTML mobile profiles?
  • Do you build multiple mobile websites for all platforms? How many platforms? Which platforms?
  • Do you now build for HTML5 and CSS3 to save future rebuilding costs?
  • How do you address differences in devices screen sizes and resolutions?
  • What is a good size for text, links, etc.?
  • Will you want to eventually add video or audio content?
  • Would a mobile app be better than a mobile website?

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