Industrial Web Design

Get your industrial website design and web marketing solutions from experienced business people, not typical web designers!

E–Platform Marketing provides Industrial Website Design and Industrial Internet Marketing Services including new website design or redesign, PPC management, SEO and industrial internet marketing services to increase your online visibility.

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Industrial Web Design and Redesign

Most of our industrial clients need to redesign their web presence which always provides for the opportunity to improve brand development, messaging, user experience, on-page SEO and technical aspects. We offer a comprehensive approach to industrial website design. We think first as your sales and marketing expert to create a site that serves the needs of your business. From there we develop an appropriate site architecture, page layouts, design elements and optimized content. The business side of the website is then integrated into the hard coding process on a test server where you can view the progress. Our particular style of coding enables you to have a single website that performs well on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. With us you'll get a mobile ready website!

Industrial Design Experience

We've worked with clients with companies providing manufacturing, packaging, processing, engineering, steel and sheet metal fabrication, power equipment, chemicals, petroleum products, CNC machining, boilers, valves, electronics, shipping, logistics, trucking and other industrial services. For many years we've been the creative leader for industrial website design and online marketing. Call us to learn more about what we offer to create, develop and promote your online visibility!

Improving Your Industrial Website

Industrial Website Development methods are complex and multifaceted. We understand how to develop sites that speak well to a plant manager, engineer, purchasing agent, company officer or other influencer. These people have different needs in terms of type, depth and specificity of information on your business. Undertsanding the industrial buying process including the roles of facility maintenance staff, plant managers, engineers, specifiers and purchasing agents is necessary in order to provide practical and effective industrial marketing solutions. We have over twenty five years of direct experience in industrial sales and marketing to put to work for you.

Industrial Website Development

Special Site Functionalities can create a rich user experience, increase your ability to influence specifiers, and generate more sales leads. The online industrial prospect typically wants detailed information, and they want it in varying formats. You may need to provide downloadable PDF files, demonstration videos or niche specific micro sites. Let us introduce you to new ways to leverage your web presence and grow your business.

Ecommerce and Catalog Development

Many of our industrial clients are embracing the development of online catalogs, with and without e-commerce. For many of these clients there customers need to added benefit of consulting before making a purchase. Having a non-ecommerce catalog allows potential buyers to explore your products, develop an interest and then call to learn about options and pricing. Other types of development work for heavy commercial and industrial clients include mobile app development, enabling users to access an online library of manuals, warranty data, MSDS sheets or even firmware download links.

Technical Writing

Our copy writing professionals can work with you to develop standard marketing copy, technical writing and product descriptions. Additionally we can develop simple renderings, 3D modeling and interactive functionalities that enhance your presentation. To further support your brand development we offer services to design brochures, cut sheets, MSDS sheets and related technical information.

Language Translations for Business Websites

Foreign Language Content also known as website localization, are services for clients that market globally. We can translate and recreate entire sites into non-English languages, create special landing pages in non-English languages or add the Google Translator tool to your website to serve over 30 foreign (non English) languages.

We offer creative solutions with proven industrial web promotion strategies to improve the online presence for any type of industrial business. Our team is here to serve as your single source provider for everything your company needs to create a strong brand image. To learn more about our industrial web design, development and marketing call us or send us a message online.

Industrial Internet Marketing

Industrial Internet Marketing, if done properly, can generate sales opportunities that you may otherwise miss. Imagine being able to get in front of buyers anywhere in the country or world when they are searching for a supplier. Our industrial internet marketing services can improve your organic ranking, improve the effectiveness of PPC advertising and generate more qualified leads for your business. Request A Free Proposal